one visit all ceramic crowns

Dentistry is different now.

It’s more comfortable, patient friendly and time friendly. Technological advances allow us to be more conservative. Restorations that used to be done in 2 visits can now be done in one with the Cerec CAD-Cam.

We at Smiles by design have invested in this technology – the best technology the industry has to offer – to bring our patients a higher quality of care.

CEREC restorations are made out of a block of pressed ceramic. They are a superior means of restoring a tooth. This material is the closest to natural human enamel available in the world today. Because of this it allows us to restore your tooth as closely as possible to its original form.

Smiles by Design
Smiles by Design
Smiles by Design


  • It is the most conservative means of restoring your tooth. It allows us to conserve more of your natural tooth structure than traditional crowns.
  • It has the same thermo co-efficient of expansion as human enamel. Which means it does not expand and contract like mercury fillings or composite fillings. It is this expansion and contraction that aids in cracking the tooth.
  • It has the same particle size as enamel uniformly through the restoration. This means it has the same wear and hardness as human enamel and it won’t wear the opposing enamel (teeth) like porcelain (which is a hard glass type material) does.
  • CEREC’s refractive index (the way light passes through the material) is the same as human enamel. It blends well with the surrounding enamel and looks very natural.
  • The one visit advantage. No need for a 2nd visit, 2nd anesthesia injection, no temporary crown to worry about. You leave with your permanent crown in place.

Other Points of Interest

Only 10% of the dentists in the USA have this advanced technology.

They are the best restoration available in dentistry today.