Oral Cancer Screening

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Digital Radiography & Intra Oral Camera

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Milling Chamber

Advanced Technology to provide a relaxed, safe environment and to bring you a higher quality of care.

Digital X- Ray reduces radiation exposure by 90% and allows immediate analysis.

The Intra-oral camera helps our patients visualize and better understand the treatment

Monitors in each treatment room so you can see digital radiographs, intra-oral pictures and educational tapes right in front of you without leaving the treatment chair.

Computerized scheduling means you can save time by making your appointment either in the treatment room or at the front desk.

Electronic insurance submission means a quicker turn-around on you reimbursement.

Crowns, inlays, and onlays can be made in one visit with our own on-site state-of-the-art Cerec 3D CAD-CAM

Only 10% of the dentists in the USA have this technology. The Cerec 3D CAD-CAM computer designs your restoration, then transmits the data to our own Milling Chamber which creates your personalized, precision fitting restoration.

This means NO messy impressions, NO temporaries and NO second appointment. We can do it all in one visit, saving you time in your schedule.

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CEREC 3-D Cad-Cam

Early Oral Cancer Screening with ViziLite Plus Annual Oral Cancer Screening Exams are important.When oral cancer is found early, treatment can be successful 82% of the time. Unfortunately, when compared to the survivial rate of other cancers, the survival rate of oral cancer has not improved greatly over the last 30 years.Because early detection is a key to survival, it is important to have an annual exam early. The screening exam called ViziLite Plus with TBlue, used in conjunction with a routine head and neck examinations performed by a dentist, can help to find abnormalities that could lead to cancer. That’s the kind of screening that could help save lives.

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Early Oral Cancer Screening

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One American dies every hour from Oral Cancer

The typical risk factors for oral cancer such as tobacco use and chronic alcohol consumption, may be commonly known, however, a new risk factor called HPV has long been known to cause cervical cancer in women and recent studies show that it may play a role in more than 25% of oral cancer cases.

The human papilloma virus is a common sexually transmitted virus that is thought to be causing oral cancer in an increasingly younger patient population. Few people, if any, even know they have it. That is why we recommend the potentially lifesaving screening exam ViziLite.