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TeethXpress in Syracuse, NY

TeethXpress in Syracuse

If you’re missing several teeth, you may put off necessary treatment because of the long and complex timeline for achieving results. You might be struggling with normal functions, such as chewing and speaking. However, you may assume that correcting the problem will be too complicated. It never seems like the right time to get dental implants. At Smiles by Design in Syracuse, we understand your concerns. That’s why we offer TeethXpress, a same-day dental restoration method that results in a full mouth of beautiful teeth with a minimal wait.

What is TeethXpress?

This whole-mouth dental procedure provides a full set of implants. The natural-looking artificial teeth are permanently anchored to several dental implants for a secure, long-lasting smile.

The dental implants are metal screws that are fastened to the jaw beneath the gums. They are made of a material that bonds to your bones and becomes part of your jaw structure. After the implants are inserted, the teeth are screwed on securely.

We use anesthesia techniques to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

After you leave with a complete set of gorgeous teeth, you will need to be gentle with them for a few months. This allows for proper healing. After your mouth has fully healed, you can eat, talk and chew normally. After healing you won’t have to avoid certain foods, as you would with dentures.

How Does TeethXpress Compare to Other Implant Procedures?

This is not the only full-mouth dental implant procedure available in Syracuse. Some patients don’t require as many implants. They may have a procedure that installs two or four implants into the jaw, to support removable dentures. Although it offers more stability than traditional dentures, this technique uses a large prosthesis, which isn’t comfortable for everyone. The teeth that are anchored to TeethXpress implants feel natural and comfortable.

One of the most common reasons that our patients in Syracuse opt for TeethXpress is convenience. With other implant approaches, patients may have to wait for several months for the implants to heal before they can have the teeth affixed. This method allows for healing after the teeth have been inserted, which means that you won’t have to wait to showcase your perfect smile.

Invest in Your Confidence at Smiles by Design

At Smiles by Design in Syracuse, we know that regular dentures can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to use. However, we understand that our patients don’t want to deal with a long transition period that requires them to live with missing teeth for several weeks or months.

This procedure corrects many of the problems associated with traditional dentures, including:

  • Limitations to the types of foods that you can eat
  • Embarrassing noises while talking or chewing
  • Irritation to the sensitive tissues in the mouth
  • Infections
  • Slippage caused by a poor fit
  • Messy, expensive adhesives

If you’re missing teeth, you could develop bone loss over time. Implants stimulate the bones in the jaw, helping them retain their shape and function. This preserves your facial structure and prevents premature aging.

We’re committed to providing the best dental services for your needs. If you have questions about this procedure or are wondering whether it’s right for you, contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation so that you can restore your smile as soon as possible.

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