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Oral Cancer Screening in Syracuse, NY

Like any other form of cancer, oral cancer is caused by rapidly-growing cells. At Smiles by Design, we care about helping our patients prevent, identify, and treat oral cancer.

Oral Cancer

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is a broad term that includes any type of cancer found in or near the mouth. Oral cancer can be found:

  • On the gums
  • On the lips, roof of the mouth, or inside of the cheeks
  • On or under the tongue

White patches and sores throughout the mouth are among the most common signs of oral cancer, and other symptoms can include:

  • Loose teeth
  • Bumps or lumps in the mouth
  • Mouth or ear pain 
  • Difficulty swallowing

Who is at Risk for Oral Cancer?

While some types of oral cancer may occur naturally, many are linked to certain lifestyle choices that can raise an individual’s risk of oral cancer. Some common risk factors include:

  • Smoking, chewing, and other forms of tobacco use 
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Excessive sun exposure, particularly for oral cancer that is found on the lips
  • Sexually-transmitted infections (HPV)
  • Individuals with a weakened immune system also have a heightened risk for developing oral cancer

I Need an Oral Cancer Visit

Oral cancer 2

Diagnosing and Treating Oral Cancer

Your dentist can identify oral irregularities that may indicate oral cancer, such as sores and bumps, as part of a routine dental exam. A biopsy will typically be performed on any areas that are suspected to be cancer to determine the cause of the sore or bump.

Oral cancer is typically treated similarly to any other form of cancer. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy work together to remove the cancerous area and ensure that there are no cancerous cells remaining. 

At Smiles by Design, we care about giving our patients the tools they need to make lifestyle choices that benefit their overall oral health, which can greatly reduce their risk of developing oral cancer.

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