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Which Foods Can Strengthen My Child’s Teeth?

Every time you come home, your kids are eager to see the treats you have brought. The goodies you bring often include food items. But does your selection matter?

What your children take has a direct impact on their well-being, including their oral health. It’s your responsibility to make wise nutritional decisions for your kids. We shall explore the dental benefits and risks of some common foods and drinks to your little ones.

Foods and Drinks that Promote Your Child’s Dental Health

Foods and drinks that can strengthen your child’s teeth and support oral health are unlimited. Your children’s diet should contain loads of calcium, fluoride, and vitamins to reinforce the enamel. The nutritional regimen should be low in sugar.

Examples of foods with immense benefits to the dental health your kids include:

  • Milk, plain yogurt, cheese and other dairy products rich in calcium
  • Vegetables, fruits and grains with significant vitamin content
  • Water enriched with fluoride
  • Fruit juice low in sugar and acid

These foods will supply your child with nutrients for growth and development of teeth. Vitamin D is also a critical component of oral health. Basking in the sun enables the body to synthesize it.

Wrong Food and Drink Choices for Your Child’s Oral Health

Sadly, children are fans of a ton of edibles and beverages that ruin their teeth. Most of their favorite snacks have high amounts of sugar, corn syrup, and creams that encourage tooth decay.

They not only feed your child but also nourish the bacteria responsible for tooth cavities. Below are some examples:

  • Sugary treats like candy and cookies
  • Ice cream with added sugar
  • Potato chips, crisps, and crunchy foods
  • Acidic fruits like citrus
  • Carbonated and sweetened drinks like soda
  • Fruit juice with additives
  • Icy beverages

These foods encourage tooth disintegration, decay, and gum disease.

Professional Dental Assistance for Nutritional Habits

You are what you eat, and food choices are the backbone of your child’s dental health. At Smiles By Design, we have experienced dentists knowledgeable in proper nutritional habits for children’s dental health.

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